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FROGSKIN - s/t is now sold out! We still have few copies with damaged covers and we are selling them for CHEAP!

All CD prices reduced down to 8 euros!
Yli 70 euron tilauksista (Suomeen) ei peritä postikuluja

ALDEBARAN - Dwellers in twilight (12,-)
Slow, downtuned, nihilistic, minimalistic, blackened Doom/Sludge from Portland/USA. Three beasts in frightening 43 minutes. (Blinddate)

Double LP. Great new Finnish band!

FROGSKIN - s/t (7,-)
Finally this piece of Finnish melancholy and drunken oppression is out! Frogskin delivers you a total brainfuck with their unique rumbling groove! Few copies with damaged covers for sale. Notice the reduced price!(Vuohi)

HOATH - Codex II: Kether (12,-)
Black metal. (Hammer of Hate)

MORNINGSTAR - Finnish Metal (12,-)
Heavy metal. (No Sign of Life)

NIGHT MUST FALL - Dissonance of Thought (12,-)
Torturous Funeral Doom. (Rusty Crowbar)

PN - Through Satin Veils Gropes Desire (12,-)
Belgish heartcore, wtf? (Funtime)

Doom/sludge from USA (Game Two)

ROTTEN SOUND - Cycles (12,-)
Grindcore. (Combat Rock)

RUE - A Heart Held by Demons (12,-)
USA sludge/stoner (Shifty)

TERRORAMA - Omnipotence (12 ,-)
Death/thrash metal. Cover art by Sami Hynninen. (NWN!)

UFO GESTAPO - Vatependr (12,-)
Sludge/stoner. (Streaks)

USURPER - Threshold of the Usurper (12,-)
Black/thrash metal. (Primitive Reaction)

WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE - The Whorehouse Massacre IV (12,-)
Sludge/Drone/Funeral Doom Metal from Canada. (Streaks)

WRECK OF HESPERUS - TheSunken Threshold (12,-)
Funeral doom. (Streaks)

V/A - YALTA! (8,-)
Finnish 80's hc attack! (Power it up)

BLACK PYRAMID - s/t (4,-)
This band brings the doom with an emphasis on the big blues of Sabbath, Sleep and Earthride. (Electric earth)

FROGSKIN / TAUNT -split (4,-)
Dirty and groovy sludge/doom from both bands. (Streaks Records)

description (label)

JOHN MERRICK - Simpaticopacetic (5,-)
USA stoner rock. (Game Two)

Brutopia strikes you down with three bursts of classic d-beat in the vein of Discharge and Disfear. Lähdön aika plays slow and depressive crustcore. Features new songs plus Brutopia covering Lähdon aika and vice versa. (Vuohi & friends)

RELATIVITY - Mind is weaker than the body (2,-)
Finnish grindcore. White one-sided 7". (Thrash and Burn)

SPACE PROBE TAURUS - Insect City (5,-)
Fuzzy rock from Sweden. (Game Two)

V/A - Swedish Rock&Roll Dammit (6,-)
Double 7" compliation featuring Generous Maria, The Mushroom River Band, Rise and Shine and Space Probe Taunus. (Game Two)

ARSONIST LODGE - Perkele, Antikristus ja väärä profeetta (8,-)
Black metal. (Hammer of Hate)

BLACK DEATH RITUAL - Profound Echoes of the End (8,-)
Black metal. (Hammer of Hate)

CAULDRON BLACK RAM - Skullduggery (8,-)
Repress of their 1st album. Superior death metal ugliness! Last copy. (Weird truth)

FISTULA - Idiopathic (8,-)
Sludge. (Shifty)

FORSAKEN - After the Fall (8,-)
Doom metal from Malta. (I Hate Records)

HEBOSAGIL - Colossal (8,-)
Crushing Finnish sludge! (Kaos Kontrol)

Sludge. (Shifty)

HEREM - Pulsa Dinura (8,-)
Finnish sludge. (Rusty Crowbar)

HIGHGATE - s/t (8,-)
1 track, 54 minutes. Minimalist Doom, experimental noise and grim black metal. (TTR)

KUOLEMA - Viinaa, aineita, naisia 2001-2008 (8,-)
Finnish substance abuse hardcore. (Lady Lasol records)

LÄHDÖN AIKA - Tuomittu (8,-)
Slow crustcore packaged in stylish digipak. (NHM, Thrash&Burn, ...)

MASOKISMI - Häpeällinen siveysoppi (8,-)
Aargh! Black core assault from Finland! (Bestial Burst)

MINOTAUR - God May Show You Mercy... We Will Not (8,-)
Thrash metal. (I Hate Records)

MOHO - 20 uñas (8,-)
Sludge. (Shifty)

PAGANUS - s/t (8,-)
Extreme Finnish doom. (TTR)

PROFETUS - Coronation of the Black Sun (8,-)
Funeral doom metal. (Rusty Crowbar)

SIXTY WATT SHAMAN - Ultra Electric (8,-)
USA Sludge. (Game Two)

STUMM - I (8,-)
Finnish sludge. One of the best out there. (Aesthetic Death)

TRINAKRIUS - Inquisatism (8,-)
Epic doom from Italy. (PsycheDOOMelic)

VITSAUS - Iäti vihassa ja kunniassa 2CD (12,-)
Black metal. (Hammer of Hate)

VOG - s/t (8,-)
Original sludge/metal. (Shifty)

VOLITION - s/t (8,-)
Punishing doom. (TTR)

WEEDEATER - Sixteen Tons (8,-)
Weed-influenced sludge. (Crucial Blast)

Weird shit! (Crucial Blast)

KYYYX - Iloni/Valoni -cdr (3,-)
Funeral noise. Slim DVD-case. (Deviants Clove prod.)

PARTNERS IN CRIME - s/t -cdr (3,-)
Indie sludge. Slim DVD-case. (Deviants Clove prod.)

Tons of reviews and interviews with Basilisk, Black Majesty, Blood Red Fog, Famulus Ab Satanas, Masokismi, Mons Veneris, Sacrificia Mortuorum, Sombre Chemin, Vothana & Northern Sky Productions.

RIDE FOR REVENGE -patch (4,-)

HARD AND OBSCURE #3 -zine (2,-)
Noise and obscure metal. Recommended.

QVADRIVIVM #5 -zine (5,-)
Essential zine for anyone interested in true metal! Huge amount of well-written interviews.

Reverorum ib Malacht (SWE), Wolves in the Throne Room (US), Ignivomous (AUS), Thy Serpent (FIN), Pimentola (FIN), Jumalhämärä (FIN), Caïna (UK), Hammers of Misfortune (US) and Paradigms Recordings (UK). All interviews from 2007. A4, 76 pages, pro-printed. Issued in 200 copies.

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